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I’m Worried You All Genuinely Like Joe Exotic

Netflix recently released its newest addition to its collection of binge-worthy documentaries. I’m a fan of a good Netflix documentary and have written about some of the features offered on the streaming platform before. But this documentary was crazy. Tiger King (2020) doesn’t give much away in its trailer and synopsis. I think we were…Continue reading »

The Best Meals for When You Feel a Bit Crummy

A lot of people are finding themselves in a strange predicament during this COVID-19 quarantine; they are having to cook for themselves. The broke and the self-sufficient among us will be annoyed to see a number of people looking for advice on just what to cook with these bare bones ingredients now that lavish restaurant…Continue reading »

What Makes The Perfect Victim?

This year’s NME Awards garnered more attention and more controversy than usual. Everyone and their dog has put their two cents into what they felt went down that night, but it also raised a larger question about accountability in incidences of sexism and what The Perfect Victim actually is. Northampton based rapper Slowthai (nope, me…Continue reading »

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